Growing Climate Action


Companies that must play catch up to ones already practicing sustainability will be at a significant disadvantage.  The implementation of the Paris agreement will drive major change in consumer and government procurement. Companies that do not have products and services that contribute to the UN goals will find their wares increasingly out of favor.

A landmark study empirically proves that the returns on stock prices of companies that perform well on issues of sustainability that are likely to have a material impact on financial results are greater than those that do not.

A company that is transparent about its plans and progress to manage risks related to climate change, human rights, and governance will experience higher stock prices, all other things being equal; lack of transparency in markets always penalizes those that are opaque.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Standards are industry-specific and the result of four years of intense research by thousands of people.  These standards have in effect prioritized sustainability matters that will have a material financial impact.

Sustainability Reporting Partners provides turn-key implementation of SASB standards for US public companies.